Feb 29, 2012
It’s all because I like the quiet. To be more clear… I like not hearing humans. I like that is one time during the day I can, for sure, hear birds. I like listening to the world wake up; the sprinklers turning on, the sound of cars going from one to a few to many. Slowly, but surely, I start to hear the neighbors. That’s when my morning ends and my day begins. That’s when the noise of the city gets in the way. Before that I listen to the coffee brewing, my animals waking up and clip-clopping their nails against the floor, (they move as slow as I do in the morning), the scratch of my pencil onto my crossword. I guess what I like is that we are all awake within the silence. Then the computer turns on and the emails and twittering start and the web stats are checked and rechecked. When the dogs that live next door start barking, I know the silence has gone for the day. I think my love for the morning is tied into the time I started eating breakfast. I know that sounds a little weird, but I’m serious. As soon as I started eating breakfast and taking the time to sit and eat a meal, I started noticing how the morning is so wonderful. I know it sounds very cliche, but taking the time in the morning, really does allow you to set up your day for how you want it to occur. Eating breakfast is crucial to that. If you want to eat and live in a manner that is conscious, I believe that starting each day that is aligned with that makes a huge difference.
Rosewater and Thyme on mornings and breakfast - my sentiments (and life) exactly
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